Jetpacks maybe your personalized, socially distant, safe COVID-19 vehicle


But you probably won’t own one anytime soon.
Hal Koss
March 10, 2020

The jetpack has gripped the cultural imagination for nearly a century.

The iconic image of an individual-sized aircraft strapped conveniently to one’s back has made enough scintillating cameos throughout the years — in everything from pulp magazines to U.S. Army demonstrations to James Bond movies — that its existence (or ubiquity, even) has evolved in the public consciousness into something of an expectation.

We keep wondering: What’s taking so long, and when will we get to use jetpacks for our morning commutes?

To answer this question, I solicited the help of David Mayman, founder and chief executive of JetPack Aviation, a company that makes jetpacks and flying motorcycles.

Mayman, a seasoned hobbyist pilot, enjoyed a successful career in management consulting and founded various technology companies before he invested millions of his own money in jetpack research and development.  Read Full Article

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