Is your practice ready for an EHR?
The National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta was awarded an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant to oversee the Georgia Health Information Technology Extension Center
(GA-HITREC) and serve as one of 60 centers nationally.

The GA-HITREC supports and serves health care providers to become adept and meaningful users of EHRs. We are designed to ensure that eligible providers (EPs) in Primary Care, with or without an existing EHR, get the help they need. Providers eligible for our services include: physicians (MD and DO), nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in family practice, obstetrics, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

We can help you answer the following questions:
What are the benefits in adopting an EHR? What is the best solution for my practice? What are the costs associated with different technologies? What is "meaningful use?"

Mission & Vision
The GA-HITREC's mission is to use a community-oriented approach to assist Georgia's providers with the selection, successful implementation, and meaningful use of certified EHR systems to improve clinical outcomes and quality of care provided to their patients.

Our vision is to work collaboratively with valued partners to assure the adoption of certified EHR technology to improve the quality of health for the community while eliminating the disparate gap of healthcare throughout Georgia.

Financial Incentives

The Recovery Act offers provider reimbursement incentives – up to $44,000 for Medicare; $63,750 for Medicaid to implement EHRs. The GA-HITREC is ready to help you with selecting and implementing a certified EHR and achieving meaningful use. Providers do not receive any direct funding from GA-HITREC.

More information on the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs is available at:

Providers Eligible to Receive Funding from Medicare Include:

  • Physicians (MD and DO)
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery or Medicine
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  • Doctor of Optometry
  • Chiropractor

Providers Eligible to Receive Funding from Medicaid Include:

  • Physicians (MD and DO)
  • Certified Nurse Midwives
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants who are practicing in FQHCs or RHCs

Meaningful Use


  • Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reducing health disparities.
  • Engage patients and families in their health care.
  • Improve care coordination.
  • Improve population and public health.
  • Ensure adequate privacy and security protections for personal health information.


Meaningful Use will be defined in the 3 stages through rulemaking:

  • Stage 1 – 2011 Capture & Share Data
  • Stage 2 – 2013* Advanced Care Processes
  • Stage 3 – 2015* Improved Outcomes

*Stages 2 and 3 will be defined in future CMS rulemaking.


  • Use of certified EHR in a meaningful manner
    (ex: e-prescribing).
  • Use of certified EHR technology for electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of health care.
  • Use of certified EHR technology to submit clinical quality and other measures.

Stage 1

Eligible providers must meet 15 core measurements and 5 menu set measurements as listed in the Meaningful Use rules and regulations.

Reporting Period is 90 days for first year; one year subsequently.

More information on meaningful use available at:

The GA-HITREC will:

  • Help you select a certified EHR that offers the best value.
  • Reduce hardware and software costs through group purchasing agreements.
  • Provide training and support services to assist your practice in adopting an EHR.
  • Offer information and guidance to help with EHR implementation.
  • Give direct, individualized, on-site technical assistance as needed.
  • Guide you through our 10-Step Roadmap to Meaningful Use.

The 10-Step Roadmap

  1. Provider Sign-Up
  2. Online Provider Assessment
  3. On-site Workflow Assessment and Verification
  4. Gap Analysis ("As Is, To Be")
  5. EHR Selection, if applicable
  6. Implementation
  7. Training and Support
  8. Go "Live"
  9. Tracking Progress Towards Meaningful Use
  10. Meaningful Use Certification

3 Easy Ways To Sign Up:

  1. By Internet - Visit the GA-HITREC Portal at:
  2. By Phone - Call us toll free at 877-658-1990.
  3. In Person - See your representative from one of our trusted partner organizations.

After completing the provider agreement, you will be assigned a project manager who will serve as your guide to reaching meaningful use and beyond. Our process to meaningful use offers providers access to:

  • An unbiased selection of certified vendors.
  • Online education and training.
  • A skilled and knowledgable team of Health Information Technology experts.
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